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This 3-day interactive course is aimed at Paediatric Occupational Therapists who want to further develop their knowledge and skills in working with children with ASD, from clinicians who are specialists in their field. The course provides in-depth analysis of best practice interventions, including sensory and behavioural issues using the latest evidence-based approaches and coaching and diagnostic work. A variety of teaching methods will be used including lectures, case studies and videos, plus group work in breakout rooms to encourage participant interaction and shared learning. The course is structured around the innovative OT Tools Tree to aid clinical reasoning.

All participants will receive a free copy of the publication Occupational Therapy Tools for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ed A Butterworth 2018. Available to view or purchase here.

Online course using Zoom. Tickets on Eventbrite only.

Course Dates: 15-17 July 2024

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Course Content

Day 1

  • Defining Autism

  • Common approaches used within Autism

  • Coaching and its application

Day 2

  • Sensory needs and strategies for the ASD population

  • Behavioural approaches and strategies

Day 3

  • Supporting sleep, feeding and self care

  • Developing and promoting play skills

The course is both instructional and practical, with opportunities for networking and reflecting on application to one's own service and practice.  

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • To learn about OT evidence-based intervention approaches for this population and how to apply them.

  • To apply our understanding about sensory processing difficulties to the lived experience of people with ASD and learn strategies to support them.

  • To understand some of the reasons for behaviour that challenges, tools to help promote adaptive behaviour and how to support families.

  • To learn how to use coaching with families and carers of children with ASD to reach self-identified goals.

  • To apply theory to case studies based on real life scenarios in order to be able to take theory into practice and apply it in your workplace.

  • To share ideas and experiences with other delegates to enrich the learning opportunity.

What our participants say about this course

What was good about this course?

The course was very well presented and clear to follow. The case study work help to consolidate the previous learning and allowed everyone to discuss thoughts and ideas. It was very easy to see how you can use the advice etc. in your practice. Just a great course really with fab presenters. Very full days but went so quick.

What was good about this course?

Very informative. Great having a book to complement the course.

What was good about this course?

I loved the used of case studies as it really helped to consolodate the theory. The time for group discussions was great to learn from others. I liked the structure and how it was split into various sections.

What was good about this course?

Really informative with lots of information both to inform and re-enforce my current practice.

What was good about this course?

Covered a lot of topics. I was glad to have self-care, play and sensory topics covered in particular. Good balance between lectures and our participation.

What was good about this course?

Hearing from experienced therapists about their work; learning about behaviour from an OT perspective.

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