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About the company

Founded to create a safe and open learning space to explore key issues around evidence-based Occupational Therapy intervention for children with developmental conditions that impact on everyday life.

Our Mission

To teach Occupational Therapists about diagnostic principles, assessments and OT interventions for children with disabilities and additional needs. 

To provide opportunities to reflect and consider  how these principles and learnings can be embedded into the reality of clinical practice in both the NHS and independent settings .


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Alison has been a Paediatric Occupational Therapist since 1994, currently lead Occupational Therapist in Camden Child Development Team, Royal Free NHS Trust London UK, where she works in a diagnostic team and feeding clinic. Ali is a co-founder of OT Applied and also works in independent practice.

Having worked largely in early years intervention, Ali has worked with ever increasing numbers of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has seen this area of clinical practice evolve. Ali is passionate about enabling families to appreciate and develop their own ways of managing through education and coaching. She is committed to service re-design to encompass emerging evidence. Ali co-wrote and edited the Occupational Therapy Tools for Autism Spectrum Disorder book (2018) and designed the course with the same name.


Shana has been working as a children’s occupational therapist since 2006. She has worked in different settings in Melbourne, Australia and London UK and was the lead Occupational Therapist in the Camden School Health Service, Royal Free NHS Trust London UK. Shana is now returned to Melbourne where she is the clinical lead OT at a community health service.  Shana is also a co-founder of OT Applied.

Shana’s interests include service development and delivery models, measuring impact, school-based practice, and training and developing occupational therapists. One of the coordinators and authors of the highly successful ‘Introduction to Occupational Therapy for Children, Young People and Families’ course, Shana has trained over 200 therapists. Shana has also presented at RCOT, SS-CYPF and DCD conferences, and has recently been part of the VR4Rehab research project team. 

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