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This course was extremely helpful in providing lots of background knowledge around Autism and approaches, assessments and interventions to use with this group of people. It was really interesting hearing the evidence base behind these approaches as well. The group work allowed for networking between other OT's as well which was very beneficial.

- Participant, OT Tools for ASD Course, October 2021

Hugely knowledgeable lecturers with lots of real life case examples so v relevant to my work.

-Participant, OT Tools for ASD Course, October 2021

Lots of opportunities to share experiences and talk about the course work. It was kept interesting with video breaks and activities/practical sessions. The course was well set out - very clear what would be discussed - with a number of speakers with various backgrounds and experiences which made it interesting and very informative
Participant, Introduction to OT for CYP Course, March 2022
The tutors were really knowledgable and approachable. The content of the course was really good and very informative it will definitely influence my practice going forward, specifically 5 F's, CO-OP, coaching, participation goals and so much more
Participant, Introduction to OT for CYP Course, September 2022

This course covered a wide range of material and remained evidence based and person centred at all times. All presented material was relevant to the specific work area and was relatable. The lecturers were all clearly passionate, experienced and knowledgeable paediatric OT's and this shone through throughout. The materials which were made available to the learners were helpful to give further information about the topics we were covering.

Participant, Introduction to OT for CYP Course, March 2022

Fiona Wilson, Occupational Therapist
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